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John Zerwas

My recent trip to the border brought to light the enormous magnitude of securing our border. I'm so proud of all the men and women dedicated to keeping this part of our state and country safe and secure. Over the past several years the State of Texas has invested in significant resources to keep this area safe and secure, and it's reassuring to see the return on this investment at work. There continues much to be done as this area is an enormous stretch of our border.

Thank you Rep Zerwas and Rep Bell!!!

The hearing concluded about an hour ago. The City of Hempstead and the Organization for the Environmental Health of Hempstead were also admitted as parties. No other groups or individuals requested party status. I would assume that most of the adjacent landowners are comfortable with being represented by CALH's attorneys. Jessica McGee, Chief of Staff for Rep Bell, was present. Commissioner Amsler and Barnett was also present. Commissioner Amsler addressed the crowd and gave a very good speech. Other individuals present included GreenGroup President Ernest Kaufman and Mayor Scott from Brookshire. The Admin Judge at the conclusion of the hearing advised that a second preliminary hearing will be held on Thursday, Sept 4, 2014 at Hempstead High School at 10 am. I hope we have just as many if not more people show up that day!!! God Bless Waller County!


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